271 games played, 0 ascensions.


74337rainyrat41510632017-07-18killed by a small mimic
74332rainyrat575735352017-07-14killed by a giant mummy
74331rainyrat421028642017-07-13killed by an owlbear, while sleeping
74320rainyrat392629142017-07-10killed by a raven
74319rainyrat802082017-07-10killed by a burning book
74318rainyrat2424692017-07-10killed by a werejackal
74303rainyrat118412342017-06-29killed by a rothe
74286rainyrat128118612017-06-15killed by a dwarf
74285rainyrat216522017-06-13killed by a giant spider
74284rainyrat1067054902017-06-12killed by a hill orc, while fainted from lack of food
74280rainyrat305337892017-06-09killed by a gray unicorn
72820rainyrat203420002016-12-13killed by a gnome
72782rainyrat593933132016-12-05killed by a wand
72769rainyrat436026532016-12-02killed by a soldier ant
72760rainyrat403644682016-12-01killed by a wolf
72757rainyrat277917632016-12-01killed by a bolt of lightning
72745rainyrat6278342016-11-30killed by a gas spore's explosion
72693rainyrat1301745772016-11-03killed by a blue jelly
72680rainyrat46611942016-11-01killed by a djinni
72670rainyrat268830832016-10-28killed by a soldier ant
72669rainyrat12808652016-10-28killed by a rothe
72665rainyrat688735822016-10-27killed by a dwarf
72640rainyrat497620902016-10-23killed by a vampire lord
72630rainyrat338620792016-10-20killed by a chillbug
72625rainyrat354922592016-10-19killed by a human mummy
72609rainyrat743925542016-10-17killed by a hallucinogen-distorted gargoyle
72594rainyrat452825982016-10-14killed by a forest centaur
72575rainyrat246318942016-10-13killed by a leocrotta
72573rainyrat98111692016-10-13killed by a cave spider, while frozen by a monster's gaze
72566rainyrat944731332016-10-12killed by a mumak
72516rainyrat86512892016-10-07killed by a kitten
72513rainyrat99410412016-10-07killed by a giant ant, while frozen by a monster's gaze
72508rainyrat838535682016-10-06killed by a bolt of lightning
72506rainyrat69116532016-10-06killed by a gnome
72504rainyrat359728632016-10-06killed by a dwarf mummy
72476rainyrat119218862016-10-03killed by a large dog called Fritz
72459rainyrat4119402016-09-30killed by a bat
72458rainyrat264222492016-09-30killed by a bolt of fire
72457rainyrat6094932016-09-30killed by a soldier ant
72455rainyrat2585612016-09-30killed by a sewer rat
72451rainyrat887434932016-09-29killed by a gnome king, while fainted from lack of food
72450rainyrat272254052016-09-29killed by a giant beetle, while fainted from lack of food
72411rainyrat779444652016-09-17killed by a leocrotta
72409rainyrat486635762016-09-17killed by a giant spider
72402rainyrat1084282016-09-12killed by a jackal
72401rainyrat245316592016-09-12killed by a plains centaur
72385rainyrat46713132016-09-07killed by an iguana, while frozen by a monster's gaze
72380rainyrat69313522016-09-05killed by a gas spore's explosion
72378rainyrat210919912016-09-04killed by an ape
72373rainyrat301624722016-09-02killed by a dagger
72354rainyrat218824382016-08-26killed by a fire ant
72313rainyrat485729292016-08-16killed by an Uruk-hai
72278rainyrat5829142016-08-09killed by a giant bat
72171rainyrat293722652016-07-26killed by a killer bee
72164rainyrat731833542016-07-25killed by an arrow
72151rainyrat459029942016-07-21killed by a giant spider
72147rainyrat381029172016-07-21killed by a blue jelly
72134rainyrat56613222016-07-18killed by a bolt of fire
70641rainyrat1022012016-04-13killed by a fox
70229rainyrat6558772016-03-14killed by a giant mimic
70228rainyrat4242016-03-14killed by a sewer rat
70158rainyrat300827482016-03-11killed by a killer bee, while fainted from lack of food
70138rainyrat204833342016-03-08killed by a gnome lord
70131rainyrat526429092016-03-07killed by a contaminated potion
70073rainyrat429032112016-03-03killed by a tengu
69944rainyrat231623252016-02-26killed by a bolt of cold
69804rainyrat38213372016-02-12killed by an acidic corpse
69795rainyrat1912272016-02-11killed by an Elvenking
67443rainyrat952843082015-09-03killed by a bolt of lightning
66097rainyrat53816612015-07-15killed by a kitten
65956rainyrat870449062015-07-07killed by a gray unicorn
65137rainyrat292730172015-06-17killed by a kobold lord, while dragging an iron ball
61738rainyrat180321202015-03-20killed by an Uruk-hai, while sleeping
61737rainyrat316621952015-03-20killed by a rothe
61592rainyrat3516402015-03-13killed by a boulder
61591rainyrat2445972015-03-13killed by a newt
61511rainyrat1674382015-03-11killed by a fox
61460rainyrat1805772015-03-10killed by a sewer rat
61364rainyrat702243422015-03-06killed by a Mordor orc
61314rainyrat441523632015-03-05killed by a mind flayer
61239rainyrat1209412015-03-02killed by a small mimic
61235rainyrat274916742015-03-01killed by a gray unicorn
61175rainyrat237418812015-02-27killed by a killer bee
61173rainyrat97314272015-02-27killed by a rabid rat
61063rainyrat159712492015-02-21killed by a hill orc, while fainted from lack of food
61048rainyrat736650852015-02-20killed by a plains centaur
61017rainyrat405030832015-02-18killed by a bolt of cold
60971rainyrat612842532015-02-17killed by a hill orc
60948rainyrat281152015-02-17killed by a giant spider
60927rainyrat186319112015-02-16killed by a gnome
60896rainyrat1217352422015-02-15killed by a giant zombie
60850rainyrat983844672015-02-14killed by a queen bee
60849rainyrat125613272015-02-14killed by an arrow
60840rainyrat617126452015-02-13killed by a pony