1332 games played, 2 ascensions.


74178rail182024742017-05-24killed by a rothe, while praying
74177rail641012017-05-24killed by a sewer rat, while praying
74176rail87819702017-05-24killed by a werejackal, while sleeping
74175rail81612352017-05-24killed by a bolt of cold
74174rail125319612017-05-24killed by a gnome lord
74173rail381017792017-05-24killed by a magic missile
74171rail1572697882017-05-24killed by a hill orc, while frozen by a potion
74170rail143017782017-05-24killed by a straw golem, while praying
74168rail121812592017-05-23killed by a sewer rat
74167rail135316522017-05-23killed by a hill orc
74166rail203016762017-05-23killed by a zruty
74165rail10788742017-05-23killed by an elf zombie
74164rail250128432017-05-23killed by a giant bat
74163rail6146482017-05-23killed by a gnome
74162rail9529292017-05-23killed by a wand
74161rail205621102017-05-23killed by a Green-elf
74160rail291233922017-05-23killed by a hill orc, while frozen by a monster's gaze
74159rail53963192082017-05-23killed by a zruty
74157rail813946992017-05-23killed by a dart
74156rail2361397252017-05-22killed by a magic missile
74155rail75612502017-05-22killed by a kitten
74150rail219411172017-05-22killed by an ape
74149rail326333882017-05-22killed by a hill orc, while sleeping
74145rail3608082017-05-21killed by a bat, while praying
74144rail496647442017-05-21killed by a raven
74143rail746747982017-05-21killed by a gray unicorn
74142rail4423652017-05-21killed by a kitten
74141rail0222017-05-21killed by a jackal
74140rail3612912017-05-21killed by a coyote
74139rail221431172017-05-21killed by a jabberwock
74138rail225313772017-05-21killed by a soldier ant
74137rail5166452017-05-21killed by a giant bat
74131rail136510852017-05-20killed by a hill orc
74130rail194720272017-05-20killed by a jaguar
74129rail129311092017-05-20killed by a giant ant
74128rail29882017-05-20killed by a jackal
74127rail250720682017-05-20killed by a black unicorn
74126rail8265732017-05-20killed by a hill orc
74125rail14849162017-05-20killed by a killer bee
74123rail210231352017-05-20killed by a giant ant, while praying
74122rail238419042017-05-20killed by a giant spider, while praying
74121rail469636842017-05-20killed by a carnivorous bag
74117rail639637582017-05-20killed by a quasit
74116rail56815782017-05-20killed by a kitten
74115rail465733722017-05-20killed by an enormous rat
74114rail47810252017-05-19killed by a large kobold
74113rail666641512017-05-19killed by a tiger
74112rail1265592017-05-19killed by a small mimic
74110rail176622762017-05-19killed by a hallucinogen-distorted rabid rat
74108rail113715052017-05-19killed by a dwarf
74105rail130720182017-05-18killed by a gnome king
74104rail221121882017-05-18killed by a rothe
74103rail5466422017-05-18killed by a giant bat
74101rail384727082017-05-18killed by a rock mole, while praying
74097rail905618756282017-05-17killed by brainlessness
74052rail50015842017-05-09killed by a blast of frost
74051rail102221492017-05-09killed by a sewer rat
74050rail4777042017-05-09killed by a little dog
74049rail144812932017-05-09killed by a jaguar
74048rail113119892017-05-09killed by a hill orc
74047rail29110092017-05-09killed by a giant rat
74046rail602632017-05-09killed by a sewer rat
74045rail174020912017-05-09killed by a rothe
74041rail174316482017-05-09killed by a rabid rat
74040rail87732017-05-09killed by a goblin
74039rail166111482017-05-09killed by a straw golem
74038rail280229102017-05-09killed by a gnome king
74037rail140219612017-05-09killed by a hill orc, while reading a book
74036rail207311262017-05-09killed by a Woodland-elf
74035rail1951442017-05-09killed by a gnome lord
74034rail178612952017-05-09killed by a fire ant
74033rail4542017-05-09killed by a sewer rat
74032rail122213612017-05-09killed by a pony
74031rail1163756292017-05-08killed by a gremlin, while praying
74030rail61611202017-05-08killed by a giant spider
74029rail45011732017-05-08killed by a small mimic
74028rail1061472017-05-08killed by a sewer rat
74027rail141614122017-05-08killed by a magic missile
74026rail724440882017-05-08killed by a snake
74025rail32312017-05-08killed by an arrow
74024rail126416732017-05-08killed by a hill orc
74023rail23289952017-05-08killed by an enormous rat
74022rail752734742017-05-08killed by a stone giant
74021rail1010464712017-05-08killed by a giant spider
74020rail216623142017-05-08killed by a werewolf
74019rail11977332017-05-08killed by a rothe
74018rail611725922017-05-08killed by a snake
74017rail4346689662017-05-08killed by a death ray
74016rail1101482017-05-07killed by a jackal
74015rail193417562017-05-07killed by an ice vortex, while praying
74014rail123010242017-05-07killed by a gnome lord
74013rail5096372017-05-07killed by a bolt of lightning
74009rail12169052017-05-07killed by a hill orc
74008rail2872702017-05-07killed by a hobbit
74007rail136113802017-05-07killed by a killer bee
74006rail072017-05-07killed by a fox
74005rail191426942017-05-07killed by a rabid rat
74004rail284834182017-05-07killed by a wererat