940 games played, 1 ascensions.


73302rail984232952017-02-26killed by a hill orc
73301rail5488002017-02-26killed by a giant eel
73300rail12928732017-02-26killed by a gnome, while fainted from lack of food
73297rail540926932017-02-26killed by an invisible dwarf king, while fainted from lack of food
73296rail91861226152017-02-26disintegrated by a blast of disintegration
73267rail1413632017-02-25killed by an arrow
73266rail497527022017-02-25killed by a gnome lord
73255rail1831148552017-02-24killed by a bolt of lightning
73218rail28618362017-02-22killed by a giant zombie
73217rail1241152017-02-22killed by a boulder
73201rail14528852017-02-19killed by a bolt of lightning
73200rail224210042017-02-19killed by a gnome lord
73193rail181714512017-02-18killed by a bolt of lightning
73192rail2614492017-02-18killed by a wand
73189rail325017412017-02-18killed by a gnome
73188rail359118422017-02-18killed by a bolt of lightning
73187rail14638972017-02-18killed by a snake
73185rail3497662017-02-18killed by a gas spore's explosion
73169rail326914382017-02-16killed by a magic missile
73168rail292520452017-02-16killed by a warhorse
73167rail1443462017-02-16killed by a bolt of cold
73166rail145112772017-02-16killed by an arrow
73155rail1614032017-02-15killed by a giant spider
73154rail658126722017-02-15killed by a gargoyle
73153rail530125472017-02-15killed by a bolt of lightning
73151rail790435412017-02-15killed by a bugbear, while fainted from lack of food
73150rail1120455582017-02-15killed by a white unicorn
73149rail158310462017-02-15killed by a giant ant
73148rail437219852017-02-15killed by a crocodile
73147rail1281863482017-02-14killed by a gargoyle
73134rail415628632017-02-12killed by a tengu
72549rail242618092016-10-10killed by a soldier ant
72548rail484834772016-10-10killed by a bolt of fire
72547rail1233002016-10-10killed by a boulder
72546rail1610957022016-10-10killed by a large dog, while frozen by a monster's gaze
72545rail6014012016-10-10killed by a dwarf
72543rail571421032016-10-09killed by a bugbear
72542rail482928522016-10-09killed by a panther
72541rail6065542016-10-09killed by a gnome lord
72540rail428117292016-10-09killed by a winged gargoyle
72539rail4783232016-10-09killed by a hobgoblin
72538rail873544152016-10-09killed by an owlbear
72536rail579430662016-10-09killed by a blast of frost
72535rail14146252016-10-09killed by a bugbear
72534rail240023722016-10-09killed by the wrath of Anhur
72533rail1109045502016-10-09killed by a white unicorn
72531rail219116442016-10-09killed by a giant spider
72525rail106167204822016-10-08killed by a giant eel
72520rail141917212016-10-07killed by a jaguar
72519rail170621652016-10-07killed by a rothe
72518rail179216302016-10-07killed by a killer bee
72517rail292921252016-10-07killed by a dwarf
72515rail42282126382016-10-07killed by a fire elemental
72465rail361414602016-10-01killed by an owlbear
72464rail2006194222016-10-01killed by a giant spider, while fainted from lack of food
72463rail232617412016-10-01killed by a jaguar
72461rail12506602016-10-01killed by a dog
72442rail10399582016-09-28killed by a gnome lord
72439rail100632016-09-28killed by a sewer rat
72438rail254419362016-09-28killed by a gold golem
72435rail355433662016-09-28killed by an ape
72434rail120312352016-09-28killed by a pony
72433rail82811732016-09-28killed by a little dog
72432rail299516632016-09-28killed by a snow ant
72357rail144056383202016-08-28killed by a jabberwock
72353rail49612552016-08-25killed by a wererat
72352rail123220782016-08-25killed by a werejackal, while praying
72351rail273628112016-08-25killed by an invisible werewolf, while dressing up
72350rail8336872016-08-25killed by a dog
72349rail120519892016-08-25killed by a dwarf
72348rail15789662016-08-25killed by an acidic corpse
72347rail182623342016-08-25killed by a magic missile
72346rail7563902016-08-25killed by a hill orc
72345rail66813572016-08-25killed by a little dog
72343rail2103562016-08-24killed by a dwarf
72342rail133317132016-08-24killed by a rabid rat
72341rail234624712016-08-24killed by a Woodland-elf
72340rail12098532016-08-24killed by a killer bee
72339rail391730352016-08-24killed by a dwarf
72337rail84914592016-08-24killed by a dwarf
72336rail427542552016-08-24killed by touching Giantslayer
72334rail790569561482016-08-23killed by a vorpal jabberwock (with the Amulet)
72291rail174168300942016-08-11killed by a minotaur
72286rail6397992016-08-10killed by a gnome lord
72285rail182512472016-08-10killed by a fog cloud
72284rail678454932016-08-10killed by a cave spider, while paralyzed by a monster
72283rail137715012016-08-10killed by a pony
72282rail217614782016-08-10killed by a giant spider
72281rail160221292016-08-10killed by a giant beetle
72253rail1543731142016-08-03killed by a fire vortex
72252rail4333752016-08-03killed by a hobgoblin
72251rail135821392016-08-03killed by a dingo
72250rail3184882016-08-03killed by a coyote
72249rail159716602016-08-03killed by a rothe