692 games played, 0 ascensions.


73688blub449753182017-04-21poisoned by a dart
73621blub20893132872017-04-13killed by a giant zombie
73584blub243925572017-04-06killed by a jackal
73583blub1601669442017-04-06killed by a leocrotta
72627blub60756156882016-10-20killed by a trickery
72626blub109792227332016-10-19killed by Master Kaen
72622blub1714480942016-10-18killed by a leocrotta
72621blub15339792016-10-18killed by a bolt of fire
72617blub225594335172016-10-18crushed to death by a collapsing drawbridge
72599blub605953612016-10-15killed by a water demon
72593blub2202182016-10-14killed by touching The Staff of Aesculapius
72592blub2788222016-10-14killed by a wand
72591blub160216472016-10-14killed by a gnome lord
72568blub76456154022016-10-12disintegrated by a blast of disintegration
72532blub167121302016-10-09killed by a cave spider, while frozen by a monster's gaze
72524blub1944675312016-10-08killed by a soldier ant
72507blub131516922016-10-06killed by a little dog
72501blub116818092016-10-05killed by a dwarf
72494blub755061952016-10-05killed by a gnome king, while praying
72493blub216224672016-10-05killed by a dingo, while praying
72492blub89010492016-10-05killed by a werejackal
72491blub49510172016-10-05killed by a rabid rat
72490blub96814942016-10-05killed by a pony
72489blub71914632016-10-05killed by a manes, while fainted from lack of food
72485blub43761131212016-10-04killed by a death ray
72480blub2191990642016-10-03killed by a gremlin
72430blub106921442016-09-28killed by a werejackal
72421blub1028154852016-09-23killed by a mumak
72419blub452841302016-09-22killed by a white unicorn
72415blub90314312016-09-21killed by a rothe
70852blub240120812016-05-03killed by a gnome lord, while frozen by a monster's gaze
70622blub187031832016-04-11killed by a soldier ant
70621blub80414602016-04-11killed by a guard
70503blub949835632016-04-04killed by a white unicorn
70379blub953072016-03-24killed by a scroll of earth
70375blub174846232192016-03-24killed by a death ray
70353blub58982016-03-22killed by falling downstairs
70352blub433832302016-03-22killed by Mr. Akalapi, the shopkeeper
70350blub171819802016-03-22killed by an Elvenking
70253blub119658215062016-03-15petrified by a cockatrice
70251blub437636832016-03-15killed by an owlbear, while praying
70248blub51615382016-03-15killed by a guard
70247blub520542072016-03-15killed by a Woodland-elf, while taking off clothes
70245blub243937952016-03-15killed by a giant bat
70243blub1866294012016-03-15killed by a gargoyle
70222blub2754772016-03-14killed by a small mimic
70159blub2288092016-03-11killed by a small mimic
70134blub1483670052016-03-08killed by a gargoyle
70132blub127222572016-03-07killed by an imp, while praying
70128blub3728662016-03-07killed by Ms. Curig, the shopkeeper
70127blub1020656152016-03-07killed by a Grey-elf
70123blub497642381002016-03-07killed by brainlessness
70076blub1203155592016-03-03killed by a snow ant
70075blub1886702016-03-03killed by falling downstairs
70070blub26952016-03-03killed by a goblin
70069blub3967692016-03-03killed by a dwarf, while fainted from lack of food
70062blub1574822016-03-02killed by a fox
70061blub543062016-03-02killed by falling downstairs
70060blub3088552016-03-02killed by a dwarf
70058blub3415852016-03-02killed by a sewer rat
70019blub84686179562016-02-29dissolved in molten lava
69989blub805247312016-02-28killed by a trickery
69966blub251027802016-02-27killed by a killer bee
69960blub2266092016-02-27killed by a small mimic
69959blub296334402016-02-27killed by a mumak
69957blub170221052016-02-27killed by a kitten, while frozen by a monster's gaze
69955blub77813962016-02-27killed by a werejackal
69951blub541939042016-02-27killed by a gnome king
69895blub329835282016-02-25killed by a goblin, while frozen by a monster's gaze
69894blub3436212016-02-25killed by a large mimic
69893blub970864812016-02-25killed by a panther
69892blub2075052016-02-25killed by a sewer rat
69890blub25280103142016-02-24killed by a white unicorn
69889blub245635882016-02-24killed by a white unicorn
69888blub147812812016-02-24killed by a gnome lord
69887blub68812132016-02-24killed by a gnome, while frozen by a monster's gaze
69862blub1043656482016-02-23killed by a wererat, while fainted from lack of food
69860blub76110262016-02-23killed by a bat
69852blub41811452016-02-22killed by a wand
69851blub390229532016-02-22killed by an ogre, while reading a book
68978blub131117292015-12-04killed by a gnome
68977blub95214232015-12-04killed by a hobbit, while frozen by a monster's gaze
68976blub1111092015-12-04killed by a baby lindworm
68956blub419546042015-12-01killed by a black unicorn
68954blub93515622015-12-01killed by a gecko, while fainted from lack of food
68953blub48222144872015-12-01killed by Lord Surtur
68949blub120217172015-11-30killed by Mr. Hebiwerie, the shopkeeper
68948blub185922762015-11-30killed by a water moccasin
68947blub41032015-11-30killed by a tatzelworm
68946blub151814002015-11-30killed by a soldier ant
68945blub4546752015-11-30killed by a wand
68944blub62010832015-11-30killed by a gnome
68943blub466330982015-11-30killed by a hallucinogen-distorted watch captain
68942blub744535412015-11-30killed by a panther