Pingzioren, lawful male human Knight
                                                             ·····     ·>· 
                                                             ·····    ··
                                                             h·····     ···
                                                             @··     ·
                                                           ··g··       ·· 
                                                           ···)        · 
                                                           ····        ·· 
                                                          ····<· 0###0···
                                                         ··· ········#···
                                                        ···    ······%··#·
                                                        ···    ··)···
                                                        ··         %)···

[Pingziore the Bachelor]  St:17 Dx:9 Co:12 In:7 Wi:14 Ch:17  Lawful
Gnomish Mines:10 $:215 HP:0(49) Pw:66(66) AC:-2 Exp:9 T:6677 Burdened

Latest messages

The gnome picks up 4 daggers.
You kill the gnome!
The gnome wields an aklys!
You kill the gnome!
The gnome picks up an aklys.
You kill the gnome!
There are several objects here.
You see here a gnome king corpse.
Really attack the dwarf? [yes/no]
You hear crashing rock.
You hit the gnome lord!
You kill the gnome lord!
You have a little trouble lifting a scroll of create monster. Continue? [ynq] (q)
What do you want to read? [mpA or ?*]
As you read the scroll, it disappears.
Your shield of reflection glows for a moment.
You have a little trouble lifting Q - a scroll of create monster.
You hit the winged gargoyle!
The winged gargoyle hits! (2x)
The winged gargoyle misses.
The winged gargoyle hits! (2x)
The winged gargoyle misses.
What do you want to zap? [lnruCFJX or ?*] (2x)
In what direction?
The bolt of fire misses the winged gargoyle.
You kill the gnome!
The winged gargoyle hits!
The winged gargoyle just misses!
The winged gargoyle bites!
You die...

Your inventory


M - an uncursed amulet of flying


a - the blessed rustproof +1 Excalibur (weapon in hand)*
b - an uncursed +1 lance (alternate weapon; not wielded)*


d - an uncursed +0 helmet (being worn)*
e - an uncursed +0 pair of low boots (being worn)
f - an uncursed +0 pair of leather gloves (being worn)*
w - an uncursed +0 mummy wrapping
x - an [uncursed +0] pair of high boots
y - an uncursed +1 shield of reflection (being worn)
z - an uncursed +0 cloak of displacement (being worn)
D - a cursed -1 dwarvish mithril-coat (being worn)


g - 13 uncursed apples*
i - 4 uncursed food rations
k - 2 uncursed lichen corpses
B - 2 [uncursed] K-rations
E - 2 [uncursed] C-rations
H - 2 uncursed lizard corpses
P - an uncursed slime mold


m - an uncursed scroll of flood
A - 2 uncursed scrolls of teleportation
Q - an [uncursed] scroll of create monster


o - an uncursed clear potion [of water]
G - an [uncursed] smoky potion [of gain energy]
K - a cursed magenta potion [of enlightenment]
L - an [uncursed] magenta potion [of enlightenment]


l - an uncursed runed wand [of cancellation (0:4)]
n - an uncursed pine wand [of light (0:12)]
r - an [uncursed] ceramic wand [of digging (0:4)]
u - an [uncursed] forked wand [of speed monster (0:7)]
C - an uncursed mahogany wand [of polymorph (0:5)]
F - an [uncursed] wand of fire [0:4]
J - an [uncursed] wand of fire [0:7]
X - an uncursed walnut wand [of lightning (0:5)]


h - an uncursed [tin] whistle
q - an [uncursed] lock pick
s - an uncursed saddle
t - an uncursed key [skeleton key]
v - an [uncursed oil] lamp (lit)
I - a [blessed oil] lamp
R - 2 uncursed partly used [wax] candles

Final Attributes

Spells known in the end

force boltattack100%92%
detect monstersdivination100%92%
magic missileattack100%92%

Vanquished creatures

225 creatures vanquished.

Voluntary challenges

Your skills at the end

Fighting Skills
Weapon Skills
long sword[Skilled]
Spellcasting Skills

Dungeon overview

Game information

Seed: 2875576909
Started: 2017-08-11 19:10:54
Ended: 2017-08-12 00:46:04
Play time: PT00:22:17


Fare thee well Pingzioren the Knight...
You died in The Gnomish Mines on dungeon level 10 with 7884 points,
and 215 pieces of gold, after 6677 moves.
Killer: winged gargoyle
You were level 9 with a maximum of 49 hit points when you died.
 No  Points     Name                                                   Hp [max]
  1    2464780  mightydog-Kni-Dwa-Fem-Law ascended to
                demigoddess-hood.                                     513 [546]
  2    2416289  mightydog-Tou-Hum-Fem-Neu ascended to
                demigoddess-hood.                                     508 [657]
  3    2105442  tertium-Mon-Hum-Mal-Law ascended to demigod-hood.     750 [750]

 99      61842  Billy-Rog-Hum-Fem-Cha died in The Dungeons of Doom on
                level 21.  Killed by an ettin.                          -  [72]
 100      60756  blub-Mon-Hum-Fem-Neu died in The Dungeons of Doom on
                level 17.  Killed by a trickery.                       72  [72]
*         7884  Pingzioren-Kni-Hum-Mal-Law died in The Gnomish Mines           
                on level 10.  Killed by a winged gargoyle.              -  [49]