73310mmj1101054852017-02-27killed by a hallucinogen-distorted fire ant, while frozen by a monster's gaze
73309imihajlow729150192017-02-27killed by a soldier ant
73308muahdib186135232017-02-27killed by a dagger
73307muahdib243730912017-02-27killed by a gray unicorn
73306muahdib672392017-02-27killed by an acidic corpse
73305muahdib476438602017-02-27killed by a hallucinogen-distorted giant bat
73304muahdib648958502017-02-27killed by an ochre jelly
73303muahdib279380472017-02-27killed by a bolt of cold
73302rail984232952017-02-26killed by a hill orc
73301rail5488002017-02-26killed by a giant eel
73300rail12928732017-02-26killed by a gnome, while fainted from lack of food
73297rail540926932017-02-26killed by an invisible dwarf king, while fainted from lack of food
73296rail91861226152017-02-26disintegrated by a blast of disintegration
73295tertium39320322017-02-26killed by a hallucinogen-distorted dwarf
73294muahdib204661522017-02-26killed by a giant ant
73293muahdib46113002017-02-26killed by a falling rock
73292muahdib464388792017-02-26killed by a raven
73291muahdib434278362017-02-26killed by a panther
73290muahdib304932682017-02-26killed by a white unicorn
73289muahdib651872017-02-25killed by a newt
73288muahdib705188142017-02-25killed by a wolf
73287muahdib385335172017-02-25killed by an Uruk-hai
73286muahdib304033722017-02-25killed by a wolf