37242stenno1634152902013-06-04killed by a dingo
10550octe1470987292009-09-10killed by a dingo
40099jamesjb1399179802013-09-10killed by a dingo, while fainted from lack of food
14746Vis1174767942011-11-27killed by a dingo
59839gurr1006740112015-01-03killed by a dingo
60475jente867145992015-02-03killed by a dingo
40246gurr835039052013-09-15killed by a dingo
54343Mandevil819846112014-06-11killed by a dingo
65565aarong815818293722015-06-27killed by a dingo, while frozen by a monster's gaze
38571lapsa718441342013-06-26killed by a dingo
64848jente673059292015-06-11killed by a dingo
72276Savojin664847092016-08-09killed by a dingo
45914menche658618332013-11-22killed by a dingo
50317menche570843142014-03-19killed by a dingo
37938Vis562640282013-06-10killed by a dingo
19840eLtMo541243692013-02-20killed by a dingo
14954stenno536520792012-02-16killed by a dingo
73686rail496345632017-04-21killed by a dingo
35595eLtMo493945972013-05-21killed by a dingo
41836Joshu481024482013-10-24killed by a dingo, while fainted from lack of food
54090Mandevil467741962014-06-06killed by a dingo, while sleeping
62342Klaak458143142015-04-09killed by a dingo
15321Mortuis455157542012-05-08killed by a dingo
64324mightydog449835672015-06-02killed by a dingo
60050Vis449234822015-01-12killed by a dingo
40426engelson448550942013-09-22killed by a dingo
62415autbree444950832015-04-11killed by a dingo, while fainted from lack of food
26679Sabrejon408825862013-04-16killed by a dingo
46795jente395431962013-12-08killed by a dingo
55456evand387727802014-06-29killed by a dingo
13836fisted381833312011-09-24killed by a dingo, while praying
71406mo368431172016-05-17killed by a dingo
10321octe361324112009-08-06killed by a dingo
15010Mortuis356128612012-03-05killed by a dingo
43439RealPorkman348216002013-11-06killed by a dingo
13534Vis346635962011-08-21killed by a dingo
21528zarthra345920122013-03-22killed by a dingo, while praying
58457jente331539922014-11-15killed by a dingo
70551rail329029112016-04-07killed by a dingo
14781Vis329036062011-11-29killed by a dingo
64590jente328015952015-06-08killed by a dingo
47060farhaven321845692013-12-15killed by a dingo
15166TheGonk321334782012-04-06killed by a dingo
14939featheta304928192012-02-09killed by a dingo
72890OlaRune304552442017-01-08killed by a dingo, while fainted from lack of food
61745Vis297425442015-03-20killed by a dingo
47272gillbates292034102013-12-23killed by a dingo
52618Vis284024492014-04-30killed by a dingo
19942eLtMo281525502013-02-22killed by a dingo
70095rail272034372016-03-04killed by a dingo
59250Vis261332272014-12-11killed by a dingo
61794ravel259138002015-03-23killed by a dingo
58353Hress256222092014-11-13killed by a dingo
63568jente243320452015-05-11killed by a dingo
56668Foo242223872014-08-05killed by a dingo
16393fisted240620852012-06-25killed by a dingo
46624jente234216892013-12-04killed by a dingo, while fainted from lack of food
39745lapsa230019912013-08-15killed by a dingo
22895zinjaran227726972013-03-27killed by a dingo
72395AlRaquish227331272016-09-11killed by a dingo
15943fisted225019632012-06-12killed by a dingo
60662Vis223323952015-02-10killed by a dingo
41636RealPorkman221310682013-10-19killed by a dingo
72493blub216224672016-10-05killed by a dingo, while praying
14337Vis213127202011-10-25killed by a dingo
53240jente212631022014-05-16killed by a dingo
56396rainyrat212221232014-07-25killed by a dingo
55331weirdvic210422892014-06-26killed by a dingo
45788jente204111542013-11-18killed by a dingo
64334Raisse203027132015-06-02killed by a dingo
74738mightydog203027832017-10-06killed by a dingo
50802jente197714312014-03-25killed by a dingo
22107zarthra195318302013-03-23killed by a dingo
60697trashlurker191715002015-02-11killed by a dingo
74524rainyrat188020972017-09-05killed by a dingo
15042JaeB186227852012-03-14killed by a dingo
66963Vis186225652015-08-04killed by a dingo, while fainted from lack of food
53881Jonadab183115812014-06-03killed by a dingo
66638Mortuis181021072015-07-28killed by a dingo, while sleeping
74451rainyrat180324242017-08-23killed by a dingo
62702Vis176814372015-04-20killed by a dingo
53903Arienna175427572014-06-03killed by a dingo
12686nate168325872011-02-03killed by a dingo
21876zarthra160715672013-03-22killed by a dingo
19748davez160616202013-02-18killed by a dingo, while reading a book
63000NotJimCarrey160620902015-04-29killed by a dingo, while frozen by a monster's gaze
38568Constantine16026962013-06-26killed by a dingo, while fumbling
19071Mortuis159813452013-01-29killed by a dingo
42330h3xx158819472013-10-29killed by a dingo
18479Kai157632302012-12-06killed by a dingo
54050Vis157217662014-06-05killed by a dingo
47560jente152411672014-01-02killed by a dingo
67301Vis145338632015-08-19killed by a dingo
69103rail138728072015-12-13killed by a dingo
70946rail138218172016-05-08killed by a dingo
50342Mortuis136322562014-03-20killed by a dingo
72251rail135821392016-08-03killed by a dingo
14758Vis134515102011-11-28killed by a dingo
59926Vis133215242015-01-09killed by a dingo
53199jente131013222014-05-14killed by a dingo